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Looking at 4 Great Whitewater Rafting Trips

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, there’s nothing quite like a quality whitewater rafting trip to really get the blood pumping. The challenge of these trips can vary quite a bit. From lazy trips through some of the most scenic forests in the United States to wild rapids that can challenge even the most experienced of river rats, once you understand the number system of how challenging a trip is, you’ll be able to find trips worth your time!

Trip 1: Whitewater Rafting the Colorado River

This is a beginning point and ending point for many a rafters. The key here is to figure out what you want to see, and what your level of experience is. Are you looking to see some of that Rocky Mountain scenery or are you interested in floating past the towering sides of the Grand Canyon?

Experienced guides are a must as the Colorado can be a very schizophrenic river course. Some sections are easy enough your grandparents could float along easily without a care in the world. Other sections are restricted to only extremely experienced rafters with some of the best guides in the world. You don’t want to find yourself in the wrong section of this one!

Trip 2: Experienced Rafters Tackle the Salmon River

The Salmon River goes through the largest area of undisturbed wilderness in the Lower 48 states, and is a mid to high level challenge that often takes 5-6 days for a full guided expedition. This is one of those rafting trips that isn’t for the pure beginner, but it offers a lot of fun for experienced rafters looking for great scenery and a few good challenges along the way.

Trip 3: The Middle Youghiogheny: East Coast Rafting for Whitewater Rafting Beginners

The Middle Youghiogheny runs between Pennsylvania and Maryland and offers a nice beginning pace for rafters through beautiful Appalachian country. The waves are generally only level 1 or 2 in the middle section, making these easy areas to navigate that virtually anyone can enjoy. This won’t provide much of a challenge for an experienced rafter but it is a great introduction that can really help get you into the spirit of things on a lazy weekend.

Trip 4: Nenana River: Way Out of the Way

This river is a bit out of the way for most people: but it’s one of the most memorable US rafting trips you can take as this river is in Alaska, floating by Denali National Park. The rapids here are moderate to challenging depending on the section, and take you through the heart of Alaska’s unbroken wilderness – all in the shadow of the largest mountain peak in North America.

In Conclusion

There are many great whitewater rafting trips that really jump out with fun and memories. Whether you are a beginner just getting your first taste of the addiction of white water rating, or a deft pro looking for a new challenge, there are many different trips worth taking. Whether you love the challenge or the scenery, one of these trips will provide the river time your inner adventurer has been craving!

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